Court Advocacy/Safe Program.

To help reduced the probability of student repeating delinquent behavior, CISB -SAFE project offers prevention and intervention services. SAFE primary goals are to reduce the number of GCCISD High School students appearing in Harris County Juvenile Court and equip students with the social skills needed to be successful in school and post secondary life.   A fulltime SAFE Coordinator is responsible for implementing, monitoring and providing direct services during regular school hours.  A Safe After School Specialist is responsible for providing direct services one day a week on the students’ home campus and one day offsite during non-school hours.  Mentors are recruited to provide students with positive role models.

Prevention Services

The prevention component of SAFE includes school day and after school activities focusing on drug prevention, violence prevention, college and career readiness.  After school services are designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge and attitude needed to graduate from high school and successfully pursue career options.  The after school meetings last approximately one and a half hours with activities planned to increase academic achievement, social skills and attitude needed to enable students to be prepared for post secondary options.

Intervention Services

The SAFE Coordinator provides direct intervention services.  Students are referred to the program, after receiving a citation for violating the district’s Code of Conduct or if assigned to the School Community Guidance Center.  After an initial assessment the SAFE Coordinator meets with the student to design a plan of action to address inappropriate behavior and implement steps to prevent it from reoccurring.  If students are assigned to In School Suspension or Off Campus Suspension the SAFE Coordinator provides either group or individual follow up services.  The SAFE Coordinator works with CIS Campus Case Managers to provide court advocacy for students and their families scheduled to attend court.  Once the court mandates are assigned, students and their families will be recruited to attend the SAFE program’s Student and Parent seminars.  Through the Student and Parent seminars, participants will follow a curriculum that focuses on understanding choices and consequences, peer mediation, social responsibility, anger management.  The seminars consist of two hour sessions offered one day a week.  After completing the four week seminars, the Safe Coordinator will provide follow up services to ensure that students are practicing the skills needed to be successful at school.   In addition the SAFE Coordinator will maintain contact with the students’ parents keeping them abreast of their children’s progress.


Communities In Schools Baytown Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Intervention Services


Students receiving Court Advocacy in Harris County Precinct 3 Court


Students receiving Court Advocacy and ongoing Case Management services


Students in the Delinquency Prevention Program –Strengthening Adolescents and Families Effectively (SAFE)


Students Participating in the “On the Right Track Choices and Consequences Program at the School Community Guidance Center



For more information, contact SAFE coordinator Mark Durden at 281-425-3311 or email